an unbridled service company

un•bri•dled (adjective)

1. uncontrolled; unconstrained

“a moment of unbridled ambition”

Synonyms:  unrestrained; unconstrained; uncontrolled; uninhibited; unrestricted; unstoppable



the EMCO Mission:

to be authentic and trustworthy; accountable to our commitments and unbridled in our pursuit of excellence


Matt Sysko

Co-Founder & Chief Cheerleader

A former 3-time SPAM Eating Champion and Webelos Scout, Matt enjoys scrapbooking and watching other people take long walks on the beach.  Matt is a true Salt Water Taffy aficionado and connoisseur of fine Malt Liquor, preferably in 40oz bottles.  When Matt isn’t aimlessly skipping down the aisles at Costco, he enjoys nestling up to a warm fire with a great book… on tape.

On top of that, Matt is a Founding Partner and brings nearly two decades of experience specializing in International and Domestic Hospitality Logistics Management.  His responsibilities include Client Development and Solution Planning, as well as providing principal oversight and stewardship for all of his projects.

In an industry where every day brings something new, Matt specializes in crisis management and planning for the future.  He has a proven history of tearing down walls and solving puzzles by helping great ideas become reality.  Matt has a talent for encouraging growth while developing valuable connections along the way.

Equally important in being knowledgeable is also acknowledging what you don’t know.  Matt firmly believes in the power of communication and understands that although he may not always have the answers, he has developed a strong and expansive network of people who do.  He believes in working hard to not only improve himself, but also improve and encourage everyone around him… all while knocking back his Hawaiian poi and shaved ice.

When not in the office, Matt enjoys all outdoor activities with his two boys and wife.

Ed Kelly

Co-Founder & Chief Ninjaneer

Despite his nomination to Middle School Student Council, Ed was runner-up due to an alleged ‘heads down-thumbs up’ voting miscount.  Determined not to let that hold him back, Ed’s perseverance later paid off when he won the 8th Annual Compton YMCA Square-Dancing Championship at just 10 years young.  Some called him a Dosey Doe prodigy; summoning the magical offspring spirit of Howdy Doody and Shakira, further proving… his hips don’t lie. 

If that isn’t enough, Ed is a Founding Partner and proven leader in Program Development, Project Management, and overall Production Optimization.  He has 20+ years experience in Business Development & Global Operational Management with a sharp discipline in QA/QC.  Through his efforts, he has led large scale customer-centric improvements all while listening to Jodeci & Bel Biv Devoe serenade in the background.  He believes Customer Service should always be in the forefront of ALL actions – if it doesn’t benefit the customer, it should never be done!

Ed is regarded as high-energy, results driven, passionate, and very detail orientated.  He has a strong track record for building great customer relationships and is devoted to common-goal alignment and customer transparency.  He is also responsible for EMCO’s day-to-day Project Governance, IT Support, Accounting & Financial Management.  Above all, Ed has built his career in pursuit of continuous Customer trust and loyalty… and of course, mixing in a good Dosey Doe from time to time.

Outside of work, Ed enjoys coaching his boy’s baseball teams and is always on the lookout for a new craft beer.


Tawni Stacy

Project Management & Queen Bee

While being the only person in the Western Hemisphere that despises popcorn – yep, not even buttered, kettle or caramel corn – Tawni makes up for her obvious lack of tastebuds and poor culinary judgement by her fine taste in whiskeys and country music.

Overlooking the fact that she is also a Detroit Lions fan, Tawni parlays a very knowledgeable background in Supply Chain Operations with her incredible commitment to Customer Service.  Some people help because they are asked to; Tawni helps because she cares to.  This heartfelt approach has made fans of most every client she works with. 

When not bossing Ed & Matt around, Tawni enjoys hiking, not eating popcorn, music festivals, not eating more popcorn, and most importantly, spending time with her precious son.


Alyssa DeCook

Project Management & Party Starter


Kennede Reese

Project Management & Iron Chef


Maura Gillespie

Project Management & Mountain Maestro


Amelia Turner

Project Management & Horse Whisperer


Tara Steinbach

Warehouse/Install Management & Shot Caller